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Welcome to the studio of Brian Thompson.
I make and sell things. turns tweets into physical works of art. It's been featured by Swiss Miss, Design Taxi, PSFK, and more.

I'm one of the founding organizers of CreativeMornings/Austin, a breakfast lecture series. offers custom laser engraving for events, brands, and art. 

eBook Safes hide your Kindle inside a real book. They've been featured by The New York TimesBoing Boing, Gizmodo and more.

Thanks to a successful Kickstarter, Passive Aggressive Notepads can solve your most annoying problems. sells art and products in editions of one hundred pieces. (Currently in beta.)

Lonely Valentines are Valentine's Day cards for people who don't like Valentine's Day.

contributed a chapter on brand voice to The Brand's Survival Guide To The Marketing Apocalypse.

I once sold everything I owned on eBay. examined how identity is shaped by the objects and brands we buy. By telling the story of each item and selling it to the highest bidder, its true emotional and financial value was discovered.