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Meaningful brands are built one letter at a time

I make and sell things. I try to be really good at it. 
I’m also a husband and dad. I try not to screw that up either.


What I do

I help startups, Fortune 500 companies, and ad agencies build meaningful brands. Everything you say adds up to who you are. I make sure every word makes a difference.

Brand development
I help brands I believe in find and amplify their voice. What is your purpose? How you answer that question – and how you live up to your answer every day – is key to building real connections with your customers, employees and investors.

Creative direction
I have a passion for inspiring others to do their best work. I think every project, no matter how grand or mundane, can make a positive impact. And I've found that building trust with your clients and team is the surest way to do work that matters.

I believe advertising can be a force for good. And that it should be great. That's why I love the craft of executing and selling an idea as much as the rush of coming up with it.

I've been helping brands deliver powerful messages for over thirteen years across every medium; including social, mobile, digital, broadcast, print, direct mail and in-store. I've done so at agencies both large and small. You can see more details on LinkedIn.

Twitter @BrandWriter

Instagram @BrandWriter