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Austin, TX
United States

The branding studio of Brian Thompson. Freelance copywriter and creative director.

I write in hope that my thoughts become clear.

BrandWriter is the studio of Brian Thompson. Freelance Copywriter and Creative Director.

On the right path

Brian Thompson

Every year on my birthday, I publicly post my goals for the coming year. I turn 42 tomorrow.
Here's how I did on last year's goals:

4. Build into a viable enterprise that makes great art affordable for anyone.

Didn't happen. Got sidetracked by, which is evolving into my own laser engraving business. 

3. Get organized 
• Backup our family photos and create albums.
• Build toy shelves and a stage in the playroom. 
• Turn half of the garage into my studio.

My Dad helped me build an awesome stage for the girls and all our photos are on an external hard drive. But no family albums and the garage is still full of "stuff."

2. Take care of myself. 
• Get more sleep. (Either convince my daughters to sleep through the night or go to bed earlier.)
• Eat well. (Avoid drive-thrus and those little powdered doughnuts.) 
• Do yoga. (No, seriously.)

Well, at least I'm eating better. (Most of the time.)

1. Be present for my girls. 
• Play hard with my daughters. The TV should be a treat or the last resort. 
• Be a patient and active listener with my wife. Give her the attention and affection she deserves every day.

On any given day, I could do better. But overall, I'm doing better.

So I didn't achieve much of what I set out to do last year, but I wouldn't trade it.