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The branding studio of Brian Thompson. Freelance copywriter and creative director.

I write in hope that my thoughts become clear.

BrandWriter is the studio of Brian Thompson. Freelance Copywriter and Creative Director.

What Radio Shack did right

Brian Thompson

Radio Shack was the clear winner this year. They tackled their brand perception head on and used their Super Bowl spot to put a stake in the ground and launch a rebranding – backed by an actual integrated campaign.

The extended version is worth watching for the different ending alone:

They didn't try to force social into the spot itself. (The nostalgia is so well executed that people are going to talk about it.) But they did build on that buzz with a totally rad social promotion.

They obviously encouraged the cast and crew to have a great time. 

(More fun behind the scenes portraits on  @brewerscott's instagram feed .)

(More fun behind the scenes portraits on @brewerscott's instagram feed.)

(Although it would be a smart media buy if they turned a few of the spontaneous celeb tweets into promoted tweets.)

They didn't just throw money at a Super Bowl spot for superficial branding…

...they've refocused their business strategy to stay true to their DIY roots while embracing the latest tech.

Great job extending the campaign to actually make sales. Annotating a title card at the end linking to more spots is also smart. But they should also create a dedicated playlist on their YouTube channel. (Where you can also get a sneak peek of a few spots that show how the campaign extends beyond the 80's.)

And they publicly thanked their agency to boot.