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Austin, TX
United States

The branding studio of Brian Thompson. Freelance copywriter and creative director.

Putting down roots

I write in hope that my thoughts become clear.

BrandWriter is the studio of Brian Thompson. Freelance Copywriter and Creative Director.

Putting down roots

Brian Thompson

Three and a half years ago, we moved from New York to Austin with a three-week old baby. The timing wasn't ideal, but we knew where we wanted to settle down.

I took this photo on the day we bought our first house last year. It's beyond satisfying to have a place of our own. 


Yet, online, I've become a nomad.

I have a Twitter habit. My parents like every picture of my kids that I post on Facebook. Instagram is half diary and half distraction. I sell stuff on Etsy. LinkedIn has replaced my resume. I love my portfolio on Behance, but my side projects don't really fit there. I feel guilty for not keeping up with Tumblr. And I still haven't gotten around to sorting Flickr into sets.

No wonder Austin Kleon's research about owning your turf caught my attention. (Check out more good thinking in his new book Show Your Work.)

Then several people I respect tweeted this Frank Chimero post.

In a way, building your own house is the ultimate project for a creative person: you’re making a home for what you think is important, done in the way you think is best.
— Frank Chimero

And Phil Coffman wrote this essay to launch his new site.

I also noticed that I started to lose my professional voice. I wasn’t short on ideas or thoughts, but I had no real place to express them outside of Twitter.
— Phil Coffman

So I'm putting down roots – right here on my own domain – and calling it my studio. A place to gather my thoughts, display my work, and share what I've learned.

It still needs some tweaking, but hey, we still have boxes that need to be unpacked in the garage too.