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Austin, TX
United States

The branding studio of Brian Thompson. Freelance copywriter and creative director.

I write in hope that my thoughts become clear.

BrandWriter is the studio of Brian Thompson. Freelance Copywriter and Creative Director.

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Make gifts and give them to people

Brian Thompson

Saw a nice example of making ideas happen unfold on Twitter. It began with Austin Kleon making an insightful joke.

20 minutes later, Karl Spurzem had executed the idea. 

Less than 2 hours later, Austin shared his own version.

At first, I thought the skull and crossbones were just a fun play on the symbol for poison, but then he tweeted this photo:

Awesome touch making the wallpaper image interact with the lock screen UI. 
And awesome watching this idea evolve over the course of a few hours.

Great reminder to put your work out in the world and see where it takes you. 

Link to download a copy on his site.