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Austin, TX
United States

The branding studio of Brian Thompson. Freelance copywriter and creative director.


Hollywood has script doctors. You have me.


Meet The cure for ADVERTISING emergencIES

Hi, I'm Brian. I've honed my craft building brands ranging from startups to the Fortune 500.

My writing has a proven history of winning business, driving sales, and making companies more valuable. I do so by turning words into defibrillator paddles. Suddenly, your heart is racing. 

With a knack for refining and amplifying a brand's voice, I do work that gets results.

Now take a deep breath and tell me where it hurts. 


pitch deck need punching up? 

Set up slides that set you up for the win. Manifestos that make the room buzz. Tighter treatments. More emotionally impactful theme lines. Or fleshing out that third campaign. It's time to pull in some fresh blood and save yourself from pulling an all nighter.


site not converting?

You need a writer that edits with a scalpel and knows how to sew up your story. Give people a reason to believe and the desire to act. And most importantly, talk to them like real people. Because "learn more" isn't a strong call to action.


Want to saVE great work from feedback that isn't?

Tweaks. Changes. Just a few comments. It can hurt, but it's also a chance to come back stronger. Whether it's a few more headline options or reworking an entire campaign, I don't just make revisions, I make it better. 



I make house calls globally, but prefer to work remotely from my studio. My rate is $1,000 per day. Hourly rate by request. is a freelance copywriting service from Brian Thompson. Ad agencies, startups and companies large and small hire me to improve copy - from site landing pages to new business pitch decks to fully integrated campaigns. I'm an award-winning Copywriter and Creative Director with over 15 years experience working across every medium including digital, social, mobile, video, print and in-store. My speciality is elevating a brand's voice to have more impact across every touchpoint. Over the past year, more and more of my clients started asking me to fix content and ad campaigns that weren't up to snuff. So I launched this practice to formalize my service as an advertising fixer. (Please note that this self-serving paragraph is here for SEO not EGO.)