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Fair Park, TX

We made going to museums even more fun. 

Fair Park in Dallas, Texas is home to several museums and performance spaces. While individual events at the park are beloved by their patrons, there was not much cross-over. For example, families seeing an IMAX movie at the Science Museum weren't stopping by the Aquarium. 

So we convinced our client to use the budget usually spent on full page newspaper ads for an online promotion instead.


An unbranded microsite hosted a series of puzzles, many of which could only be solved by exploring activities available at Fair Park – either in person or at

For example, players had to read the inscription on a specific work of art to solve Challenge No. 25.
(You can click through this gallery to see all 40 challenges.)

Banners and small space newspaper ads drove people to the game.


A street team handed out promo cards at pro sporting events.


They also covertly placed thousands of these nickels on the floors of malls and public transit stations.


We fostered a community that formed on MySpace where people shared clues and boasted about their progress.


Players spent an average of seven hours on and traffic to increased more than ten-fold.


Client: Friends of Fair Park
Agency: Cavalry Brand Development

Art Director: Kim Brayton
Designer: Tom Nynas