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Austin, TX
United States

The branding studio of Brian Thompson. Freelance copywriter and creative director.

Let's face it

Help me raise $4,500 for E4 Youth to bring more diverse talent into the ad industry

As a freelance Copywriter & Creative Director, I love collaborating with good people to build great brands. But too often, those people look a lot like me. And that's not healthy for the work, the business and the country.

Let's change the ratio. The proven programs at E4 Youth bridge the gap between underserved youth and creative careers. My goal is to raise $4,500 before my 45th birthday on October 25th. So I need your help. 

You can help prepare more diverse talent to thrive in advertising. Please make a contribution and a difference. 

I'm no longer collecting donations through this site. But you should still support E4 Youth with a donation or by volunteering your time. You can contact them at

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Advertising doesn't need another old, white guy.
But it does need you to give a damn. 

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- Advertising doesn't need another old, white guy. Help bring more diverse talent into the ad industry. Donate to @E4Youth at

- We all have something to contribute. Donate to help diverse talent prepare for creative careers:

- Help @E4Youth bridge the gap between underserved youth & creative careers. Can we hit $4500 before this guy hits 45?

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Thank You to these folks for investing in our creative community

Talking about age, race and gender is uncomfortable. Not talking about them is unconscionable.